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Chocolates By Tracy
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Tracy Freeman, CEO
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About Chocolates By Tracy
My Chocolate Company started as a labor of love.  I originally only made candy for close friends and family.  With 7yrs of candy making experience and after much encouragement and prompting here I am making and selling candy to the world.  Freeman Residential Services, LLC (FRS) is our Parent Company.  FRS is an agency that provides services to people with developmental disabilities.  My heart is and will always be with providing services for people with developmental disabilities.  Proceeds from Chocolates By Tracy will assist our efforts to serve them better. All proceeds from chocolate sales go directly to Freeman Residential Services, LLC. Our goal is to raise money to fund our Day Habilitation Center for individuals with developmental disabilities. This will help us purchase equipment such as computers, learning software, community outings, objects for tactile stimulation and provide vocational opportunities.  Our top priority is to achieve excellence.  If you are not completely satisfied with our product please send it back for a refund.  Visit  our website at www.freemanresidential.org for additional information.    

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Chocolates By Tracy is operated in Uniontown, OH. We make chocolate candy for the discriminating palate. Try us and not only will your taste buds be satisfied...you will walk away with a good conscious knowing that your support helps make a difference in someone's life.   Thanks for your support!

Tracy has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities for 13yrs. She earned a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Walsh University. She formed FRS agency in 2006 and has provided a level of care and commitment that is unparalleled to others in the industry. She is one who cares...not only for the individuals served by Freeman Residential Services but also for each of her support staff.

Committed to helping our individuals maximize their highest potential in life & achieving their dreams!